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Towards a better Bromley

by Marco Cillario Fri 16 December 2016, 3:15 pm

Bromley key organisations have signed up to a document containing a number of pledges to work together on improving the borough.

The Clinical Commissioning Group, London South East Colleges, Police and Fire Services have joined the Building a Better Bromley programme, containing the council’s vision to deliver improved services for residents, businesses and visitors.

The programme, first agreed in 2004, has now been relaunched following public consultation.

It has seven key priority areas: quality environment, regeneration, thriving town centres, children and young people support, independence support, safe Bromley and healthy Bromley.

“Residents endorsed many of the priorities we set last year and using their feedback, as well as information from the government and our local partners, we have updated our priorities,” said Councillor Stephen Carr, leader of the council.

According to the plan, to support regeneration the council will envisage, in the new local plan, the development of new areas to meet the area’s housing requirements while preserving the green belt. It will lobby the government and the Greater London Authority to support local infrastructure development; promote investment in the borough; and seek a strategic management of its assets, including disposing of those which do not provide a reasonable return.

“Partnership working has always been strong in the borough, but we now need to take this to the next level,” Carr added.

“Working this way becomes more and more important as resources and budgets shrink further. By working more closely with a range of organisations we can achieve more for less.”

Police borough commander Chris Hafford said: “Bromley is one of the safest boroughs in London but this hasn’t been achieved by chance. A strong willingness to work in partnership, across agencies and especially with our communities, has been a huge influence in achieving and maintaining this.

“Bromley is unique in many ways and the strength of our partnership is one. By committing to tackling the challenges together, we have a great opportunity to meet them and build a better Bromley.”

The department of work and pensions, Bromley Job Centre Plus and Community Links Bromley have also signed up to Building a Better Bromley.

The full programme is available here.

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