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Noise action plan for Biggin Hill Airport

by Marco Cillario Fri 18 March 2016, 12:13 pm

Biggin Hill Airport has announced it is implementing a plan to limit the noise produced by aircraft operations after the council approved the extension of its opening hours.

On 25 November 2015, Bromley Council granted approval to the airport’s new operating time – 6.30am to 11pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 10pm at the weekend and on Bank Holidays. An application to ‘call in’ the decision was dismissed by the council’s executive and resources committee on 6 January 2016, meaning the decision was now effective. 

Biggin Hill announced on 22 January that it was introducing a noise action plan, as requested by Bromley Council. 

The plan commits the airport to a range of measures aiming to minimise the impact of airplanes on neighbouring residents.

In particular, authorities and people living locally will be able to track every flight and receive information about noise levels.

Also, tighter controls will be made on light aircraft, which have been the subject of many noise complaints. No-fly zones have already been introduced for this type of airplanes, along with bans on circuit training before 9am and after 5pm on summer weekends. 

Biggin Hill managing director Will Curtis said: “Airports our size are not normally required to put in place measures like these, given the high costs involved and the fact that we are comparatively much quieter than larger commercial airports. 

“However, we have listened carefully to local residents, who support longer opening hours but want to see environmental protections as part of the package.

“With the changes that have been agreed with the council, we can now attract more investment, creating more jobs for local people and generating the monies that are needed to fund the comprehensive noise action plan.”


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