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Crystal Palace Park overhaul

Wed 15 July 2015, 5:26 pm

A regeneration plan to implement long-term improvements to Crystal Palace Park is being developed by Bromley Council.

The proposals include a new form of governance to be led by the community and creating a “sustainable business model” for the park’s future. 

The park is currently seeing £2.4 million of improvements, which are being funded in partnership with the mayor of London. 

Councillor Stephen Carr, leader of Bromley Council, said: “We have been working alongside local residents for many years now and this proposal has always been part of our vision. 

“There are many considerations which need to be examined and, naturally, finance will be part of this. The masterplan proposals will need to be carefully assessed to ensure that a viable plan comes forward.

“Improving and sustaining this much loved park remains at the very heart of what we are looking to do and the long term governance proposals are part of this.” 

Martin Tempia, chair of the Crystal Palace Park community stakeholder group, has welcomed the set-up of a community-led governance model.

He said: “The fact that Bromley have agreed to a new form of independent governance for the park and provided funds to establish it, is a recognition of the work of community organisations and other stakeholders." 

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