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'Happy' Bromley bucks London trend

Wed 27 March 2013, 6:25 pm

People in Bromley are among the happiest in the country when it comes to their attitudes to their homes and neigbourhoods, according to a new survey.

The findings of research by property website Rightmove ranks Bromley residents ninth in a national league table of happiness about where they live, and comes in stark contrast to most parts of the capital, which dominate the lowest reaches of the 110-location league table.

The Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate topped Righmove’s league table, which used 12 distinct factors to measure how survey respondents felt about their property, its environs, and the local community.

Company director Miles Shipside said the Happy At Home Index looked to capture how the British public truly felt about their home.

“Among the reasons why London was marked down by its residents are topics that may be considered as sacrifices when living in a major city, such as the amount of space to live comfortably and overall safety,” he said.

“On the flipside, it’s not surprising that four of the top 10 locations for amenities are based in London given the cultural riches on offer.

“However, with nine of the UK’s least happy places to live in our nation’s capital, it does beg the question – are those sacrifices worth it to be happy at home in London?”

The only London borough to rank higher than Bromley on the league table was Kingston Upon Thames, which was placed as sixth-happiest borough in the country.

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