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Bromley North Village public realm improvements move on

Fri 15 June 2012, 3:06 pm

Plans for improvements to Bromley North have taken a step forward with the start of detailed engineering designs for changes to the public realm.

The outline designs for the scheme were approved in March, and follows a visit to the area with the Kent Association for the Blind to demonstrate the challenges shoppers with visibility impairments face.  The £5 million scheme, funded in partnership with Transport for London (TfL), will improve and revitalise the historic area of Bromley North. 

"The improvements to Bromley North Village will encourage more visitors to shop and spend leisure time in this part of the town and this will support the local economy. We have listened very carefully to all the comments we received and have improved the plans as a result.  We were pleased to draw upon the specialist expertise that Kent Association for the Blind have and they were able to show us in practical ways the every day challenges that people with visual impairments have when visiting town centres" said Peter Morgan, executive councillor for renewal and recreation.   

Following advice from the Kent Association of the Blind and public consultation, the designs now include a more tactile material around Market Square that will help wayfinding, a change to the proposed yellow paving material to a granite York stone, and signs integrated more closely with the heritage of the area.  

Plans for Bromley North Village are part of the Bromley Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP), and aims to develop pedestrian friendly, clean and safe open spaces with improvements to the street scene and environment.  There will be a focus on attracting new independent businesses and specialist retailers. 

Initial funding of £300,000 came from Transport for London's major schemes fund for large scale transport projects in the capital.

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