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Conference delegates favour retail and leisure positioning

Wed 21 September 2011, 2:14 pm

Bromley should market itself as a shopping and leisure destination to visitors, according to a survey of delegates at the Invest Bromley conference.

When asked which would be the most rewarding sector for Bromley to focus on marketing to visitors, 34 per cent said retail, 32 per cent said restaurants and bars, and 23 per cent said theatre and arts.

In an audience which contained a large number of developers, 57 per cent said urban design was very important to success, with 31 per cent saying it was important.

93 per cent said that the event had positively influenced their perception of Bromley, with 91 per cent saying that the event had given them ideas or information that would help them invest in Bromley.

Voting on what the next steps for delegates was, 27 per cent said they intended to meet with potential investment partners to discuss opportunities.

There were sky high approval ratings for sessions on Churchill Place, with 100 per cent approving, and for London mayor Boris Johnson’s speech, which was considered very good or quite good by 97 per cent of the audience.

The conference facilities at the Bishops Palace were given a 98 per cent approval rating, and 84 per cent of the audience said they would recommend an Invest in Bromley conference next year.

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