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Boris backs borough at Invest Bromley conference

Tue 20 September 2011, 11:23 am

Bromley’s suburban character gives it the perfect mix of opportunity for growth blended with quality of life for those who live and work in the borough, according to London mayor Boris Johnson.

Speaking in front of an audience of more than 150 investors at the Invest Bromley conference today, he said: “Bromley is one of the great urban centres of London with a young, growing dynamic population and provides considerable opportunity to deliver economic growth.  

"But we should never forget that there is something very special about these parts of London and the reason people want to come to live and invest here is because they have a memory of that green suburban bliss and want to make sure they taste a part of it.

"So when we consider potential for economic growth this is massively important – we’ve got to balance the drive for growth with the need to protect green space and the things that make it special – we need to put the village back into the city"

The mayor said he was firmly behind the work the London Borough of Bromley is doing to renew and regenerate its high streets.

“We need to look after communities and the high streets – that’s why I support so passionately what Bromley Council is doing in renewing its high streets.  

"I have given £308,000 to Bromley in the Outer London Fund – not just for urban projects to improve streetscape – but also for celebrations, events, fetes which bring community together which is a vital part of putting the village back in the city.”

And he added that he felt continued investment in infrastructure was vital to the success of London’s outer boroughs.

“It is vital for economic success of London that we continue to make investment in infrastructure to link what can be described as London’s 158 villages,“ said the mayor.  

“Thameslink is coming down track and will be a massive boost to South London allowing people to commute fast into central London very fast to Heathrow – it will be transformative for south London.

“We need to do what Victorian forebears did which is to invest in infrastructure and that’s’ what we want to help you achieve. Transport not only makes London more competitive in long term but drives jobs and growth now, and in the tough times which we are in now, it is absolutely vital.

“If we continue to invest in Bromley’s infrastructure, continue to improve the look and feel of Bromley town centre ad continue to build a sense of trust and community, then the natural genius of the people of Bromley and the dynamism and enterprise of the private sector in this borough will do the rest.”

Later, during a Q&A session, the Mayor also emphasised the importance that improving infrastructure and regeneration plans play in attracting big employers to the borough to further drive economic growth and make improvements in employment prospects.

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