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Council action helps businesses recover from disorder

Mon 22 August 2011, 12:38 pm

Swift action by London Borough of Bromley helped businesses return to normal soon after disturbances hit the borough as part of nationwide riots.

Partnership working between the police and council saw a clean-up operation carried out alongside measures to prevent trouble from spreading.

Six teams of dog handlers that normally provide security in Bromley's parks and open spaces, joined enhanced police numbers on the borough's streets. 

Portfolio holder for environment Colin Smith said: "In these circumstances, it is important to get back to normal as quickly as possible and the council teams have left no effort spared to achieve this.

“Their work has included, not only clearing up the mess, but also removing anything that could be seized upon as a missile, such as emptying recycling bins of glass and removing litter bins in some places." 

Council leader Stephen Carr paid tribute to local police for their response to the public disorder in Bromley, and said: "Though Bromley did not see the large scale wanton damage experienced by other London boroughs, we nonetheless had our fair share of broken windows and looting as businesses were attacked on our high streets.”

He said the action taken by the council sent out a strong message that the council is committed to helping local businesses through good times and bad.

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