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Bromley objects to proposed levy rates

Mon 11 July 2011, 4:31 pm

The London Borough of Bromley is continuing its fight against London mayor Boris Johnsonís plans for a community infrastructure levy.

Johnson wants the new charge to pay for his share of the costs of the new Crossrail link from the east to west of the capital.

But the council objects to the borough’s inclusion in the second highest band of the charge, and says that it will not see great benefits from Crossrail.

Peter Dean, chairman of development control committee, said: "It is disappointing that the Mayor of London has not appeared to have taken on-board any of our points in his consultation. 

“We are not convinced that our borough residents and businesses will see the benefits being outlined in the Crossrail proposals.

“Furthermore, proposals for a different levy for Bromley than other neighbouring boroughs will put us at a distinct disadvantage.”

Building projects in Bromley would face a charge of £35 per metre sq under the levy.

The mayor will appoint an independent examiner to conduct an inquiry into the charges later this year.

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